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Not Frank Lampard
09 August 2006 @ 09:38 am
For the past few seasons, it seems like the majority of Tranmere matches follow one of two scenarios:

Scenario One: Tranmere score early on in the match. They hold the lead for the majority of said match, only to give up an equaliser (or worse, two goals) in the last ten minutes of the match, effectively throwing away two (or three) points.

Scenario Two: Tranmere's opponent scores early on in the match. The mighty Rovers are unable to find an equaliser.

After the match on the Saturday, when Chris Greenacre scored in the twentieth minute and we were able to hold on the whole match and preserve the one-goal lead, I thought things would be different. But yesterday, scenario two played itself out in all its predictable glory. Cheltenham scored in the 8th minute, and the remaining 82 minutes passed without any more goals. Tranmere had chances, with one shot from Carl Tremarco of all people (a defender) saved off the line, but in the end, it all came to naught. Literally. Just maddening.

I know, it's the second match of the season, and there's 44 matches left to go, but as I said earlier...it's Cheltenham, for crying out loud. We really should have gotten something out of this match.

We find ourselves in 13th place. A draw would have put us in 6th. Next up, Doncaster away on Saturday.
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